1. ❤️

    the two most humble and inspiring friends I have.

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  2. I’m a lil shorty hehe
    I’m also the most guera from my family 😩

    this was sometime last week. at one point none of us talked to each other. it’s weird seeing us all in one picture. (mis hermanas)
  3. hammies

  4. I haven’t seen my mom in about 6 or 7 months. Time flies by so fast. I miss her a lot and I need to go to Mexico as soon as I can. I know what won’t be for a while, though. Missin my prietita so so much☀️😘


  6. paisas swear they can pick up on the bus by saying he gonna go buy bullets for his pistola hahaha ugh swerve feliciano 👋😑

  8. undergate:


    wore dis yesterday :)

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  9. se me hace agua la boca 💦

  10. Baby me.
    medasasko took this couple years ago.