1. Come drown me in whiskey.

  2. In about 4 weeks I get to see some of my favorite people in the worlllll. I’m beyond pumped :)

  3. verdugodiscos:

    Rayos X, Poliskitzo, Ausencia @ Lava Lounge and Rocky Steps in Philly

    Puerto Rico looking sad

  4. A cute song.

  5. Miss you pizzamanda 💙

  6. staticcontrol:

    collage by 

    Brandi Strauss


  7. Being around my very own blood sisters is the most disheartening thing in the world to me. I’ll forever be sorry for their ignorance but I give up on them.

  8. Lately nada


  9. crylater187:

    I’ve given up on people in the past. So I have no right to be upset that you’ve given up on me.

    A good reminder.

  10. La muerte me agarra